Dealing with scammers

I got a call recently from someone who claimed to be from Microsoft, saying that they were doing something (didn’t catch exactly what they were saying since I couldn’t really hear them at the beginning of the call). They were going to talk me through some computer stuff. The whole time, I was wondering if it was a scam, especially when they wanted me to download something. After a frustrating few minutes, my dad came back and I just passed the phone to him. Usually, I would have just said that my parents were out and hung up, but I was waiting for a call. (Though in hindsight, I was waiting for a call from Acer, not Microsoft.)

The call led to a short conversation on how to deal with scammers, which has made its way to this post, with some modification. This is for every person who might get scammed in the future.

How to identify scams:

Calls from big companies on house phones

Big companies won’t bother checking up on individual customers to see if there’s anything wrong with their product. As my mum pointed out, they can’t check on every single customer. If they’re doing their business right, they’ll be too many of them.

Internet search

While you’re on the phone, nothing’s stopping you from going online and searching to see if whatever the caller’s trying to get you to do/sell is a scam.  Chances are, you’re not the only one.

Non-existent problems, competitions…

If you have no problems with your product, you don’t need help to fix a non-existent problem. If you’ve never entered a competition, you aren’t likely to win any prize.


So. Now that you know you may be talking to a scammer…


How to deal with them:

Just hang up

Because scammers won’t hang up until they’ve got you to do what they one. So if you’re waiting for them to hang up, don’t bother.

Ask for their name and contact number

For those who want to be polite, just in case they really are talking to a customer service employee, ask for their name and contact number so that you can call them back. If they won’t give it to you, hang up; if they won’t let you hang up, it’s probably a scam. If they do give it to you… give the company a call and ask if they have an employee with the name and contact number given to you?


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