Surprise Birthday Party

I’ve always read about surprise birthday parties in fiction. Recently, I was (sort-of) actively a part of the preparation of a surprise birthday party.

It’s as exciting (maybe even more) as it is presented in fiction. Everyone in the house sneaking around while trying to pretend that nothing unusual is going on meters away from the birthday girl. My younger sister has been gifted with a bunch of friends who are willing to go through the trouble of hiding and setting up a secret party for. We have been gifted with a younger sister/older sister/daughter/friend who likes to sleep in, thus making it easier for us to sneak around in the rest of the house.

Her friends appeared at the house one at a time. To make sure that my sister wouldn’t notice that something was off, we directed them to the back of the house where they would drop their shoes off as they got in (suddenly having ten new shoes of different sizes for no apparent reason at the shoe rack would have been incredibly suspicious). Someone was always standing guard at the window so that no one needed to ring the doorbell or knock the door for our attention (there’s only so many times you can claim that you’ve gotten mail or your friend was just passing by and wanted to say hi).

My sister’s room was quite near to the room the party was going to be in, and it was along the corridor that everyone needed to pass by to enter the party room. No one seemed to care too much since I could hear footsteps from where I was in the dining room. But my sister didn’t seem to notice that there was an abnormally high traffic outside her room, so it worked out.

Once, we had a close call. Very close. My sister decided to get up and leave her room. At the same time, someone was approaching our door. If my sister just turned and looked at the right place, she would notice that someone was coming. Maybe she wouldn’t care too much (our parents have visitors sometimes), maybe she would get curious and ask who it was (and we’d need to come up with a convincing reason and make sure that we don’t accidentally contradict each other).

As my sister crossed the hallway to go to the bathroom, I gestured for the friend at the door to go to the back. My dad distracted my sister as she returned to her room and physically blocked the door as he somehow talked her into staying in her room. The fact that she wasn’t feeling 100% that day probably helped. My sister closed the door, the friend was quickly ushered to the room as everyone kept an eye out for my sister. It’s like sneaking into a forbidden tower, just that we’re already inside, and the setting isn’t anywhere near as grand as a forbidden tower. Similar adrenaline rush though. Even if it isn’t exactly a rush.

The hardest part ended up being getting my sister out of bed.

She was feeling a little unwell, yes, but there were people wearing costumes (Disney themed party, for a bittersweet reason) hiding just meters away, not that she knew, of course. My youngest sister pretended that she had accidentally broken my younger sister’s guitar, and it took the combined effort of my youngest sister and my mum to get my younger sister out of her room.

She opened the door, got hit by a bunch of weird stuff that was sprayed out of cans, and got very, very startled.


What’s left of a successful surprise birthday party


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