Project Melan: When life gives you interruptions

Last week, I decided to take advantage of my upcoming free time to try out the lifestyle of a full-time writer.

The past weekend, I helped out at the PAX convention for three days straight, followed by a day of work at my part-time job.

On one hand, I started last week because I wanted to strike while the idea was there. I didn’t want to put it off, because there will always be reasons why it wouldn’t be ‘a good time to write’.

On the other, even as a full -time writer, it’s not healthy to only write morning to night. In a way, this was a good emulation of the juggling I would need to do between real life and fiction.

On the bright side, I did write a bit in the train while travelling, so not a total loss. But it really is tempting to just sit back and read a story instead of producing my own.

Well, tomorrow’s a public holiday, so unless something happens, I have a whole day to do whatever I want.

Time for a writing sprint.


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