Project Melan: sprints and marathons

Writing a novel is like running a marathon. It’s not easy to sprint the whole way, unless you’ve trained for it, but you can finish the race if you go at a steady pace or by sneaking in a few short sprints in between the brisk walking. Whatever the tactic, it takes persistence to finish the race.

Large blocks of ‘office hour’ times are awesome for writing a lot (assuming that the time is actually spent on writing), but for other people, it looks like a large chunk of free time. And soon, someone will go, “Hey, you’re free. Come do something.”

Or maybe that’s just me.

I may want to write full time, but I am also a full time human being. Rejecting everyone would just leave me with maybe a book and probably no friends.

Friends are for the weak

Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

And this is why sprints are important too. It’s easier to spare 5 minutes now and then to write a few sentences than to pull out 2 uninterrupted hours during the day. And even when I’m not writing, I’m thinking about the story as I go about my day. Once I get the idea, I note it down, continuing the story one sentence at a time.

So far, still not super productive, but I’m getting there.


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