Things that go bump in the night


I am currently reading a Chinese series that’s a mix of mystery and supernatural. I’ve been keeping a pace of one book a day rather than pull all-nighters to sprint through the series.

Excellent decision.

During the… sixth book (I think), I had a particularly busy day so I was only halfway through the book after dinner. I didn’t want to leave myself hanging (and I allowed myself one book a day, so of course I’m going to fill up that quota), so I kept reading even when it turned dark outside.

I think I chose the creepiest book of the series to read at night.

So here I am, alone, at night, reading about a bunch of people disappearing in thin air, and the protagonist, in the middle of looking for his disappeared friends, eventually disappears as well.

It would be pretty creepy during the day, but now I’m reading it at night, alone in my room.

The problem with night time is that it’s dark, which means it’s hard to see well. And when our eyes can’t see what’s in front of us, our minds gleefully take every sound and movement and fills in the blank to create all kinds of scary things. During daytime, we can see that there’s nothing there.

At night, anything is possible.

And I still had to brush my teeth, in a bathroom that’s pretty much at the other end of the house.

Fortunately, I heard my dad come out of his room because he needed to do some extra work, so I came out at the same time to soak in the presence of another human being and bath myself in the corridor lights, wash up for bed, then rush back in to finish the rest of the story.

And some people actually like scaring themselves with horror movies.

Under the bed

Maybe monsters like to hide under the bed because you have to get out of bed to get help or run away.

So yes, excellent choice to stop at one book a day, while the sun’s still shining and it’s easier to dismiss ghosts and serial killers as things that happen to other people.

Moral of the story? If there’s one, it’ll probably be: don’t underestimate how creepy things can become at night.

Sweet dreams 🙂



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  1. I love scaring the shit out of myself with all kinds of scary movies n stuff.. But it just doesn’t happen anymore. I think i’ve seen too many of them 😛

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