January goals for Logical Dreams: progress check

In the beginning of the month, I set four goals for Logical Dreams:

  1. Put up one post/week, ideally two posts/week = end the month with 4-8 posts.
  2. Find one blog I want to follow/study.
  3. Figure out how to use this Google+ thing. (Don’t judge me)
  4. Publish one story post.

It’s the last day of January. Time to see what I’ve managed to do.


Goal 1: Put up one post/week, ideally two posts/week = end the month with 4-8 posts.

A quick count reveals seven posts total. This post would be the eighth. So I’ve not only met the minimum goal but also the ideal goal of two posts each week.


Goal 2: Find one blog I want to follow/study.

The blog that interests me currently is the writing-related Go Teen Writers. I’ll continue reading the existing posts first before I start following.


Goal 3: Figure out how to use this Google+ thing. (Don’t judge me)

The motivation behind this was to find a way to timestamp any stories I upload, just in case someone out there decides to take my story as their own. It probably wouldn’t happen any time soon, but I’ve heard stories of other people finding their own novels on sale somewhere else under a different name.

I found out very quickly that Google+ only really works with Blogger, and that my posts on WordPress are automatically timestamped anyway, so I lost interest. As far as I can tell, Google+ functions very much like an online social community. Potential’s still there to do something with it, but maybe later.


Goal 4: Publish one story post.

Barely squeezed this one in with The Kidsnatcher. There are some self-imposed hidden rules behind that piece, but that’s another story for another month.


Conclusion: 3/4 goals complete.

I’m fine with that.


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