Being good at the wrong things

I’ve always lived with this odd contradiction of knowing I’m good at many things… but not being good at the right things.

I’m probably not the only one. Just look at the movies and tv series that populate our screens. Athletes  are celebrated, while the studious are shunned. Both sides are good at what they do, but in school, you’re not cool until you’re on the school sports team.


That said, times are changing. Being ‘geeky’ doesn’t automatically equal social exile. We now have shows that feature those from the scientific community, like Big Bang Theory and Mythbusters.

So… what brought this about? Two things.

1. I found Albert Einstein’s quote on pinterest



2. My lifegroup touched on the topic of a church being the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12)

Wait! Just hear me out. It’s not preachy, serious. You don’t have to be a Christian to want to feel like you matter.

(Note: For those who have not heard the term ‘lifegroup’ before (or cellgroup for those in Malaysia). If a church is the extended family, a lifegroup’s like the immediate family.)

In a nutshell, that section talks about how a body is made out of different parts, and every part is important. Just imagine a body made up of only eyes, or just ears. It wouldn’t work very well.

In the same way, all of us are good at different things. Some talents are more flashy than others (like being a good artist VS a good writer), but they’re all important.

So even if I feel like I’m not good at the things that matter, I’m still good at something. And at some point, somewhere, that talent could be exactly what’s needed.


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  1. Well said. We all are good at something or the other. Instead of herd mentality, we should do what we like to do, even if it may not be considered cool by your peers.

  2. Very inspirational, thanks slot for this post

  3. Very well, most people sometimes feel inferior because they cannot do what they see their friends do, but this post have a revelation in it that these special kind of people… And I love it because it make me know that I can’t be all what others are and so ad they can’t be all what I am… (Talent)

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