Why do people visit blogs?


As a blogger, the dream is to have a blog that people actually want to visit. But not every blog is equal. Some have a lot of followers, others just kinda fade into nothingness.


I don’t have all the answers (or I’ll be a blogging superstar by now), but it made me wonder: Why do I visit the blogs and websites that I visit?


Why do we visit Wikipedia?

We don’t check out Wikipedia because it looks amazing or gives us awesome free stuff. We go there because we want information. Even if what’s on the site can be quite generic or very dry, it at least provides an overview that points us in the right direction to satisfy our curiosity.




I tend to visit fanfiction and archiveofourown a lot, and it’s because of the stories I can find there to entertain me while I travel on the train.

Pinterest is another place I like going to because of all the nice pictures and sass (it’s a lot easier to come up with witty remarks when you have all the time in the world to craft it).




It’s nice to be acknowledged. And if no one around you has the time or effort to appreciate you, someone else somewhere in the world does. With the help of the far-reaching internet, you can meet like-minded people around the world on forums and social networks.




There are plenty of other reasons, but these are three of the more major ones I can think of. And out of the three, am I fulfilling any of these reasons for any visitors to Logical Dreams?

Community… not yet?

Information. I guess if you look hard enough, you can get information from anything, but Logical Dreams is nowhere near Wikipedia level when it comes to information.

I guess that leaves me with entertainment. There are some stories scattered around, but not a lot. You can finish them all in less than an hour. That said, I really like creating stories, so I would like to head towards a blog filled with entertaining stories.


Any other reasons you visit blogs and websites that aren’t covered here? Want me to focus more on certain areas in Logical Dreams? Do let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Tbh when I started my blog I did it with the intention of leaving a little bit of me for my children to read one day – being an absolute novice it never occurred to me that anyone else would read it!

    Since that time I’m made many fabulous connections and with my love of reading it’s awesome to read other people’s points of view and to share the ups and downs x

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