Silent Saturday


Many of us are familiar with Easter (chocolate bunnies!), a lot of us have heard about Good Friday (incoming long weekend alert), but no one really talks about the Saturday in between.

If Easter was a triology, Good Friday would be the first book where everything goes wrong, Easter Sunday is the book where the good guys beat the odds and defeat the bad guys, and Silent Saturday’s just there because it wouldn’t be a trilogy with just two books.

So what’s the point of Silent Saturday?

To be honest, I never even noticed the Saturday until yesterday, when I went to church. And it was pretty relevant to a stage in my life I was going through.

Without being preachy about it, Silent Saturday is about ‘the darkest hour’. Sounds familiar? That’s because almost every popular movie/show/book etc has it. And for good reason.

This dark hour, the time when the bad guys are about to win and it seems impossible for the good guys to do anything, is the time of change. Desperation drives the character to uncover hidden power, reluctant allies bond and become steadfast friends, mindsets shift, oaths are sworn. Without this dark time, the characters don’t get the chance to grow into the heroes they will be at the end of the story.

Life isn’t a story, but art imitates life. We’ve all been through dark times when it’s impossible to look at the future and see hope. That’s our fork in the road of life. We can give up and abandon the quest, or strive forward towards the finish line. No matter which path we choose, we are rarely left unchanged.

But that’s looking at the Silent Saturday with the benefits of knowing that the story has a good ending on Easter Sunday. Most of us don’t get that when we’re going through our own dark hours. We can only do our best to survive and hope that we’ll find our happy ending one day.

If you’re having a tough day, or a tough week, or even a tough decade, the best is yet to come (well, at some point, you just can’t go anywhere but up). All the best in surviving your darkest hour, and may you find your happy ending.


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