March goals for Logical Dreams: progress check

It’s been a month. A few weeks ago, I set four goals:

  1. Figure out my ‘feature post’
  2. Establish a regular schedule
  3. Settle on a tagline
  4. Create a blog roll (whatever that means)

Time to see if I’ve met my March goals.

1. Figure out my ‘feature post’

From what I can tell, my stories appear to be something people are more interested in. As far as I can tell, there isn’t really a formal way to distinguish these ‘features’, so the best thing I can do is be consistent.


2. Establish a regular schedule

I’ve decided to set Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as update days.

One idea is Monday Musings (random stuff), Wednesday Writing (anything writing related), and Friday Fiction (stories). But Wednesday Writing seems a little out of my league. What can I say that everyone else hasn’t? And who am I to tell people ‘this is how you should do things’?

The alternative is Monday Musings and Friday Fiction, with Wednesday being anything I want it to be, so something like Wednesday Randoms.

Summary: you’ll find something new on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


3. Settle on a tagline

The current tagline says: Stories of life and fantasy. To be honest, I’m still not happy with what I’ve come up with. It’s not witty, or profound. The only thing it does is let people know this blog might have stories.

So it’s not settled, but it’s good enough as a placeholder until I figure out something that can tie together my blog name and theme in one short sentence.


4. Create a blog roll (whatever that means)

Turns out, there’s a widget for it. There’s an option for me to do more fancy things in the future when I’ve found more blogs to follow, but the basic widget is good enough for me for now.


Conclusion: 3.5/4 goals reached.


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