Life After Death 1/4


Last week, she drowned.

She spent the first few days of her afterlife cycling through the whole spectrum of negative emotions. Shock, grief, despair, fear, the works. But that was old news. Now, she’d settled into the one emotion she hadn’t expected to feel after death.


She could go anywhere, watch anyone, but couldn’t actually do a single thing. Her hands phased through everything, her voice reached no ears. She could talk to the flowerpot or the old man’s hat and no one would… That guy just looked at her.

The moment their gaze met, he casually looked away, but she knew better. Someone could actually see her.

Time to be a stalker.

She followed him into a small café nearby. He whispered something to the cashier, then walked through the ‘staff only’ door into a small room. She slipped in as he closed the door. Only then did he address her.

“Hi there. How can I help you?” he asked.

She blinked.

“I… don’t need help? I’m just bored.” She looked down at her feet. Definitely not touching the ground. “You’re not freaking out?”

A wry smile curled his lips. “You must be new. In that case, let’s start over. Hi, I’m Silas. You are?”


“Hello, Zoey. Do you know what happened to you?”

“You mean, how I died?”

“Yes, that.”

“I drowned.”

Silas nodded. “My condolences. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Bring me back to life?”

“I can talk to the dead, not create miracles.”

She shrugged. “Ah well. I tried.”

Despite Silas’ best efforts, she really couldn’t think of anything keeping her tied to the world. She had no unfinished business, no obsessions, no unobtainable love… Her life was pretty uneventful. Not that different from her current situation.

“Sounds like you’re one of those ‘dead before they died’ types. Been awhile since the last one,” Silas said.

There were more people like her? “What happened to the ‘last one’?”

“He just faded away one day. Maybe that will happen to you, maybe it won’t, either way, we’ll just do what we can and hope for the best. If you think of anything, let me know,” Silas said and left the room.

Haunting a person was a lot more interesting than haunting a lake, so she followed him home. Silas didn’t seem to care that she’d decided to stick to him, but before he stepped into his house, he laid down some ground rules.

“I live with my family. My parents can hear but not see spirits, my brother is blind, and my sister is dead. If you are in the same room with anyone else, tell them you’re there. If you can’t do that, you can’t come in.”

After throwing that info bomb, Silas folded his arms and waited.

“Your family sounds interesting,” she couldn’t resist the comment.

“We had an accident. So? Yes? No? Don’t think that I can’t lock you out because you’re dead.”

She shrugged. “I don’t mind.”

“Well then.” Silas opened the door and walked in. “I’m home.”

After taking off his shoes, Silas headed for the combined living/dining area, where his mother was reading a book at the table.

“Hi mum. I have a guest.”

Silas’ mother looked up from her book.

“This is Zoey.” Silas gestured towards her.

“Hello, Zoey,” his mother said as she looked in Zoey’s general direction.

“Hello, Zoey!” a new voice greeted and someone tackled her from behind. Caught off guard, Zoey and whoever it was behind her tumbled through the sofa and crash landed halfway through the TV cabinet.

This must be the dead sister.

“Hello,” a third voice greeted as Silas’ sister helped Zoey to her feet. A fourth hello followed soon after from Silas’ father.

And now, there was an even split of people who could see her and people who couldn’t. The parents, following their kids’ gaze had their gaze on the TV, while the sons met her gaze dead on, even Silas’ supposedly blind brother.

“Hello,” Zoey finally gave her belated greeting.

At the sound of her voice, the parents shifted to almost meet her gaze. The usual pleasantries continued, as if she was just another guest instead of a dead spirit hanging around their son.

And that was how she met Silas’ family.

If Silas thought introducing her to the family would somehow help her move on, it had horribly backfired, because now she was super curious. That was some kind of ‘accident’ to make the whole family consider a visit from beyond the grave just another normal day.

End of first chapter.
The second chapter can be found here.
Third chapter here.
And final chapter here.

Genre: supernatural


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