Life After Death 4/4

This is the final chapter of a multichapter story.
You can read the first chapter here.
Second chapter here.
And third chapter here.


For someone who had basically slept the past three weeks away, she still felt ridiculously tired. She couldn’t even stand without losing her breath. A sad contrast to not long ago, when she could float effortlessly to any place she wished. She missed that freedom, but being alive was definitely better.

Silas, when he visited, assured her that feeling weak was normal, and that there was nothing to fear. He was comatose for a year, and he turned out fine. Next to him, his dead sister nodded enthusiastically.

That was another change to get used to. The third time she woke up, she stayed awake long enough to notice the spirit in the corner, that she could still see, even though she was alive now. She casually looked away, as if she hadn’t seen anything but an empty corner. The spirit didn’t respond, so she was safe for now, but it also made her really want to get out of the room. Getting out of the hospital in general would be awesome too.

“Any tips on how I should deal with my… ‘new friends’?” Zoey asked.

“Decide if you want to ignore everyone or help everyone. And I mean everyone. People gossip. Help a few and everyone would know,” Silas said.


“Tried that. Didn’t work very well for me.”

“Maybe it’s because you have… her.” Zoey flicked her gaze to Silas’ dead sister.

“That too. But don’t think that people get dumb just because they… you know. Some of them can tell no matter how much you try to hide.”

“So what? You’re saying I should just give in and join you?”

His lips curled in a smile. “Pretty much.”

Her lips twisted.

“Think about it,” Silas added, “I’ve gone through this before. I can help you. You’d be a fool if you let this chance go.”

She narrowed her eyes. “What’s the catch?”

“See? You’re smart. So you know what a good deal you’re getting. All you need to do in exchange for my help is to play paintball with me. Actually playing is a lot different from watching. You’ll love it.”

Voluntarily let herself get hit with paint. Painful paint, by the looks of some of the bruises Silas developed after the game.

“I can watch you play instead,” she bargained.

“Your mum already approved. She thinks it’ll be good for you.”

Wait. What?

“You talked to my mum?”

“I needed to explain why I was hanging outside your room like a stalker.”

“So basically, I don’t actually have a choice.”

“Pretty much.”

She folded her arms. “I don’t know how I should feel about this.”

“First tip: Just go with the flow. You’ll be surprised how much faster things get done that way. That said, want to give that lady in the corner a hand?”

“Let me guess. My options are ‘yes’ or ‘yes’.”

“Very good. You catch on fast. Now, give me your best winning smile.”

Zoey bared her teeth.

“Good enough.”

Silas turned to face the spirit in the corner.

“Hi there. How can I help you?”



Genre: supernatural

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