Playing hide and seek with kids

Not long ago, a cousin’s wedding brought my extended family together, and I had the chance to hang out with my three youngest cousins, aged around 4 to 9. One of the things we did together was to play hide and seek in a park.

I was the first seeker, so I dutifully counted down and pretended not to hear their squeals as they scrambled to their hiding spots. The moment I finished, I turned around. The first thing I saw was my youngest cousin crouched under the slide, in plain view, with the largest grin on her face. Well, she’s still pretty young, so it’s ok if she didn’t really grasp what we were doing

A few seconds after that, the oldest cousin jumped out from his hiding place and dashed for the to the toilet. That was fine too. Better not ignore nature’s call just for a simple game.

As for the last cousin… My youngest cousin led me straight to him.

She wasn’t the only one to do so. In the next few rounds, if I found one, I’d basically found all three, because those who had been found would lead me straight to everyone else.

So, for those wanting to play hide and seek with kids, here’s a tip: Don’t just hide from the seeker. Hide from everyone else too.


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