Drabble: Caught

In response to July’s prompt ‘caught’. Related to Secret Inheritance, but hopefully stands alone without it. Feel free to check it out if you want to.

Genre: superpowers, superhero, supervillain



To think, despite all their caution, they had been caught by their son’s classmate.

“That’s…” The boy stared at the delicate crystal sword, which just hours before had been on display at a travelling exhibition. His gaze shifted to her husband, who should be at work at this hour instead of at home dressed head to toe in black, then to her, who was still wearing the extravagant costume of the supervillain both of them played together. “You…”

She shifted to disguise the hand that reached for her hidden weapon. It was unfortunate, but if this boy threatened their job, he had to go.

The boy wiped the shock from his face and deliberately relaxed. She tightened her fingers around the gun.

“Does your son know about this?”


“Do you have a successor?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Please consider me.”

She whipped out her gun and shot him. The pulse knocked the boy unconscious. Her husband caught him and set him down on the floor.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“Our son is pretty much part of the light side at this point.”

Her husband nodded. “If we tell him now he’s more likely to turn us in than join us.”

They looked at the boy, then at each other.

“We’ll give him a try.”



Like this supervillain couple? Check out The Plans of a Supervillain.


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