Drabble: Mop Welcome

In response to July’s prompt ‘fall’.

Genre: fantasy


~Mop Welcome~

It was different for every dreamwalker, but for him, travelling between dreams always felt like he was falling through a tunnel. The sensation could last anywhere from seconds to minutes.

He had already been falling for hours.

Or maybe it was just a few very long minutes. It was hard to tell in dreams. He hoped it wouldn’t take this long to leave too.

Finally, he touched down… right in front of a very unhappy dreamer armed with a mop.

“Get out of my dream, intruder.” She whacked him with the wooden mop.

Disorientated by the sudden attack, he blurted out the first thing that came to mind, “Why are you using a mop?”

She just hit him harder.

He endured, and she finally calmed down enough to set the mop aside and explain that she was tired of dreamwalkers dropping into her dreams unannounced. But this was her dream, and what she didn’t say in words, her dreamscape was all too happy to pick up the slack. Both of them pretended not to hear the cries of envy and pain around them, born from the frustration of a lucid dreamer, stuck in her own dreams while knowing that there were so many other dreams out there to explore.

When he fell out of her dream, it only took seconds.

Years later, he fell into her dream again. This time, instead of a mop, he was greeted with a a table full of food. She asked him about his dream travels, and he was more than happy to share.



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