Drabble: No Going Back

No Going Back | The Price of Sacrifice | Looking for the Right Melody | Missing Time

In response to July’s prompt ‘change’.
Genre: superpower, superhero, family


~No Going Back~

Once he made the choice, there was no going back. But if his sister died… there was no going back from that either.

He reached for the little bubble of power within himself. It had been there for as long as he remembered, and like a caterpillar spinning its own cocoon, he crushed the seal he placed on it years ago.

Markings tore through his skin, think blue lines that swallowed most of his body. With newfound speed, he dashed over to his sister and his greatly strengthened arms pummeled all the falling debris into dust. Threat dealt with, he turned to look at his sister.

Time to pay the price.

“Sorry, little sis.”

The power swallowed his mind.

~The story continues in The Price of Sacrifice~

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