Drabble: The Price of Sacrifice

No Going Back | The Price of Sacrifice | Looking for the Right Melody | Missing Time

Response to July’s prompt ’empty’. Follows after No Going Back.

Genre: angst, family


~The Price of Sacrifice~

“Happy birthday, big bro.”

Her brother didn’t react, but she gently pressed the plate and fork into his hands anyway. Mechanically, her brother wrapped his fingers around the fork and shoveled the cake into his mouth.

Two weeks ago, her brother saved her life, at a price. Both of them still lived, but her cheeky, dependable brother was now just an empty shell. Left alone, he would stay unmoving where he was until he died.

She turned around to accept her share of the cake from her dad. In silence, the family of four choked down the durian cake, her brother’s favourite. No birthday pictures this year. All they could make were bitter grimaces, and her brother would just stare sightlessly ahead.

He should have just let her die that day.

She shot the familiar thought down the moment it formed. If she had died, the results would be the same, just different people grieving over a more permanent loss. At least this way, there was a chance her brother could come back.

And she would find that chance. No matter what it took.

~The story continues in Looking for the Right Melody.~

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