Drabble: The Sleeping Student

In response to the July prompt ‘sleep’.

Genre: general, slice of life


~The Sleeping Student~

In the corner of the classroom slumped a student, infamous for his perfect attendance… only to sleep the whole day away and wake after school ended. The teachers used to care about this terrible habit, but when the student passed semester after semester with near perfect scores, they cut their losses and left him alone.

Not this teacher. New to the school (and the education industry in general), the teacher tried to wake the student. When that failed, she continued with her lesson but stuck a message to the student’s forehead before she left.

The next time she came back to the same class, she tapped the student’s shoulder.

He woke up.

Without a word, he dragged himself to an empty seat beside one of the students struggling in class. He listened as the teacher taught, and when the time came for everyone to try out some exercises in class, he tutored the struggling student through the questions.

Days passed, and the sleeping student’s classmates kept him awake with requests for help, to the point that he could no longer sleep in class. But he was fine with that.

“How did you do it?” a teacher asked in the teacher’s lounge.

“We made a bet,” the new teacher said.

“Who won?”

She smiled.

“I’d say we all did.”



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