Drabble: The Moments In Between

My response to the July prompt ‘moon’.

Genre: general


~The Moments In Between~

Wounded and soaked to the bone, he huddled under his crude shelter.

The legends always talked about the battles and obstacles the heroes faced before they reached their goal. They said nothing about the sleepless nights or the moments in between where his journey went nowhere and he was certain he would die before ever reaching the goal.

He might actually die this time. His guide had led him straight into an ambush. While he managed to kill his attackers before they killed him, he had large gashes along his side and limbs, and he had lost his guide.

The cold made him curl tighter into himself. Watching the rain was depressing, so he lifted his gaze to the moon instead. If he died here, the moon would be his only witness, the silent observer of a could-have-been legend that would never be told.

But the moon was too cold. If he was going to die, he wanted to be sent off by someone who cared, even if it was just a few moments of regret at his premature end. He gritted his teeth and stumbled out into the dying rain until he found help.

Eventually, he completed his quest, and the story of his adventure spread across the land. But people were naturally drawn to the highlights of his journey, and in between retellings, his in between moments disappeared.



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  1. I expected to read more on the ‘moon’ but this is a nice piece, well written!
    Do check out my page too if you’re interested 🙂

    • True. I tend to use the prompts more like a springboard into something completely different. Glad you like the story regardless. Will definitely check out your page 🙂

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