A Dangerous Temper Tantrum

In response to July’s prompt ‘heat’. Set in the world of Life After Death.


~A Dangerous Temper Tantrum~

Zoey thought almost dying would be a life changing event. (Which it was. Being able to see dead people was a hard change to miss.) But for a life changing event, it didn’t have much of a presence. This, however, was shooting up the ranks of ‘memorable moments’ like students gushing out of class at the final school bell.

Earlier that day, a dead waiter ambushed her on her way home. The last time they met, the ex-waiter wanted her help with some unfinished business. She planned to help him over the weekend when Silas came over, but it seemed that the ghost never learnt the value of patience, and she was now paying the price.

The ex-waiter couldn’t interact physically with the world, but he was extraordinarily talented at leaching out all the heat around him, especially body heat. So his version of a temper tantrum was to leach out all the heat from her, resulting in a very cold Zoey, frozen stiff on the ground despite the sunny weather.

How would freezing her help him? She couldn’t ask. Her teeth chattered too much for speech. Even later, when the chatter died down, she didn’t ask. Or maybe she did. Things got a bit confusing towards the end. She couldn’t remember much between freezing on the ground and waking up back home.

“Do you want a nickname? At the rate you’re going, we can call you ‘the girl who keeps dying but doesn’t stay dead’,” Silas’ voice greeted her return to consciousness.

Zoey frowned. “Aren’t nicknames supposed to be shorter?”

“Aren’t you supposed to stay alive?”

“I didn’t die… did I?” Zoey reached out and pinched Silas’ arm. His skin reddened obediently under her fingers. “Yeah. Still alive.”

Silas pulled his abused skin free. “Because of me. You’re welcome.”

“Thanks. How?”


“I called him with your phone!” Evan popped his head in through the wall.

Wait. Evan? Didn’t they already send him off to the afterlife last week?

“Thanks.” Better check to see if her phone was still usable after this.

She endured Silas’ lecture on being careful and just because they could see dead people didn’t mean they should join them, etc.. Well, not everyone could have a dead sister watching out for him and a family who could hear dead people. Her closest help was Silas, and they didn’t live in the same area. Anyway, he was the one who pushed her into this. She was perfectly fine pretending she couldn’t see anything unusual.

Finally, Silas ran out of things to repeat, and she was free to leave her bed and walk out like a non-invalid. A few steps towards the door brought her into the path of a block of light from the open window. Usually, she shied away from sunlight, but her body still remembered the chill it felt just a few hours earlier, and the warmth on her skin stopped her feet.

Until Silas made a joke about her trying to be a sun-dried tomato.

She left the block of warmth and whacked his face with a cushion.



Genre: supernatural



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