Drabble: Not A Competition

My response to the July prompt ‘rival’.

Genre: slice of life, humour


~Not A Competition~

It wasn’t a competition. She knew it. He knew it. But the results could be compared, and that was enough.

“How are you doing down there, shorty?” he said from the top of the ladder.

“Awesome. You have fun with the high windows, snail boy. Leave the rest to me,” she said as she furiously scrubbed the grimy window.

“Don’t worry, short stuff. I’ll help you after I’m done with all these windows above your league.”

“No need, slowpoke. I got this.” She started on her next window.

As the two rivals raced though the window cleaning, the house owners checked in on them.

“They’re going very fast,” the husband said, “Are they doing it properly?”

“Don’t worry. By the time they’re done, our windows will be the cleanest it’ll ever be. Why do you think I put them together on the same job?” the wife said.

“You sure they’ll be fine? I feel like I’m about to get a heart attack just watching them.”

“You’ll get used to it. I’ve watched them do this since we were kids. If they haven’t died yet, they’re not going to die now. Just enjoy the super cleaning service while you can.”



I started this piece in response to the prompt ‘competition’, but the more I wrote, the more it fit ‘rival’ instead. Feel free to¬†think of it as a response to both prompts.


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