Drabble: Sweet Nightmare

My response to the July prompt ‘nightmare’.

Genre: romance


~Sweet Nightmare~

Chocolates, pastries, sugar. It was his nightmare come to life.

But his girlfriend loved it, so he endured. He picked out a few bits that didn’t look like it had been drowned in sugar, then settled down to watch her feast.

Eventually, she noticed his lack of appetite. Concerned, she started recommending treats and offering little bites from her plate. It was only their first date, but some secrets should be told earlier rather than later. This was a good time as any to reveal that he was diabetic.

“Then why did you pick this dessert buffet?” she asked.

“Because I knew you’ll like it.”

She smiled and reached over to take his hand. Then she flagged a passing waiter and explained the situation. The result of her efforts was his very own miniature dessert buffet, specially made so even he, a diabetic who never had a sweet tooth anyway, could enjoy it.

He looked across the table to where she continued her attack on the desserts.

If this was his nightmare, then keep them coming.

~Check out the companion fic Dream Come True or read what happens next in Weekend Plan~

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