Drabble: Dream Come True

My response to the July prompt ‘dream’.

Genre: romance


~Dream Come True~

Custards, pastries, sugar. It was a dream come true.

There were so many options. Even picking just her favourites was more than enough to fill two plates. She set the loaded plates before her on the table and attacked her plunder with gusto. Every bite sent shivers down her spine. So good.

She looked up to see how her boyfriend was doing. Unlike her, he was only on his first plate, and he was playing more with his food than actually eating them. Maybe he didn’t choose the right ones. She took a few of the better desserts and passed it over.

That was when he told her that he was diabetic.

“Then why did you pick this dessert buffet?” she asked.

“Because I knew you’ll like it.”

Ah. That silly, silly boy.

She smiled and reached over to take his hand. Then she flagged a passing waiter. It wasn’t fair for her boyfriend to treat her to a buffet he himself couldn’t enjoy. Was there anything that could be done? Like treats suitable for a diabetic?

The kitchen responded beyond her expectations with platters of specially-made desserts. From the few bites she tried, they actually tasted very nice.

She watched the smile that lit up her boyfriend’s face.

This was a dream come true indeed.

~Check out the companion fic Sweet Nightmare.~

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