Drabble: Help from the Shadows

To fill in the July prompt ‘shadow’.

Genre: superpower, fantasy, military?, humour

~Help from the Shadows~

If it had a shadow, he could get there. That was what he discovered two months after people started showing off their newfound powers. He had showed off his new ability too, but only to his team. They needed to know. In their line of work, his affinity with shadows was a game changer.

They played many roles, but their main focus was to go to places others couldn’t. Most of the time, that meant search and rescue, especially behind enemy lines. And guess who had shadows? Everyone.

Every mission was a new chance to explore his own ability. He learnt how to travel between shadows, to use them for reconnaissance, to track multiple targets at once, to wield the shadows like a weapon. Above all, they as a team stretched their imagination to disguise his ability from others, enemies and allies alike. The longer it took for people to notice the ability existed, the longer it would take them to create countermeasures.

Not that the need of secrecy stopped them from making a joke of it.

“You have a new codename,” his team leader said and threw a folder on the table. The document spun until it stopped right before him. Upside down.

He opened the folder to find a form that had been filled in, stating that he was neither a superhero nor supervillain, but neutral, and that his superpower name was… Sunshine.

His teammates started laughing.

“I hate you all.”

“Love you too, Sunshine.”

“Is this permanent?”

“Only for one year, Sunshine.”

“Good. I don’t need to kill anyone.”

That just cracked them up even more.

“You can try, Sunshine, but it’ll take more than a little shadow voodoo to take us down.”

He glared at them.

Challenge accepted.


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