Drabble: Morning Training

My (very loosely inspired) response to the July prompt ‘rise’. Takes place in the same world as Danger Beyond The Wall.

Genre: general, fantasy


~Morning Training~

Every morning for the past two years, she rose with the sun. Not because she was a morning person, but because her brother was. Or to be accurate, her brother’s teacher was.

She groaned into her pillow, but sleep was futile, at least, not for the next three hours. And by then, it would be time for her to get up anyway.

When that Fighter said he would test her brother’s resolve, he conveniently left out the fact that his training would also test everyone else within the area. Her brother was very fortunate that their neighbours were willing to endure the noisy training sessions, even if half of them didn’t think he would make it into the garrison.

Fighters came in two flavours: the rare few born with superhuman strength, and the rarer few born with special abilities. Her brother was neither. All he had was his passion to protect their city and the people in it from the monsters outside. How far could that get him? No one knew.

She yawned her way down to the courtyard and melted into one of the benches. Today, her brother’s training involved three bins, a bunch of different sized balls, and a lot of yelling. She didn’t know how that worked, and it was too early in the morning for her to care.

“Can he actually be a Fighter?” she asked her brother’s teacher as they watched her brother fumble with all the balls around him.

“Yes. We have other people like him on the team, so I know it’s possible. But, it will also be extra hard for him compared to his more gifted peers. If he wants to go anywhere in this area, he’s going to need all the support he can get.”

The Fighter looked at her out the corner of his eye.

“You and your neighbours are doing fine. Just keep doing what you’re doing, and your brother will do the rest.”

Her cheeks heated in embarrassment. The less easily flattered side of her cut in.

“I’m sure we can support him a lot better if his training starts later,” she bargained.

“That sounds reasonable.”

“So maybe training can start… two hours later?”


“One hour later?”

“Just for you, I’ll start half an hour earlier tomorrow.”

Her brother sent her a glare. She returned the glare with a sheepish smile.

Well, he couldn’t blame her for trying. He would have done the same, if he wasn’t so scared of his own teacher…

The Fighter waved his hand, all the balls lifted off the ground and dove at her brother. Her brother barely threw himself out of the way.

… for a very good reason.

She silently wished him good luck and went back into the house. Might as well do something productive with her extra time.



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