Drabble: Inky Disaster

My response to the July prompt ‘ink’.

Genre: humour


~Inky Disaster~

He tried drawing once.


He set the paper on fire before anyone could see it and threw himself into other pursuits. So what if he couldn’t draw? He would be good at everything else instead.

At least, he thought he accepted his lack of artistic ability… until that set of ink appeared on his desk. Usually, he wouldn’t touch anything artsy with a ten feet pole, but the ink set had enough colours to cover almost every colour under the sun.

He reached for his dip pen.

Years had passed since his last attempt. Maybe things were different now. Or maybe he wasn’t as bad as he remembered. Maybe this new ink would make all the difference.

Ten minutes later, he was looking for a lighter. Unfortunately, his assistant found him first.

“Did you draw that?”

Fingers still stained with ink, he couldn’t deny it. All he could do was keep a straight face while his assistant curled against the table with hysterical laughter.

After she recovered enough to stand, she swiped the inky disaster off the table and tucked it under her shirt before he could take it back.

“Just a reminder that even you’re not perfect,” she said and escaped to spread the news.

He dropped his head into his hands.

How would he face everyone else after this?

He remembered too late the still drying ink on his fingers.

This day just got better and better.




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