Drabble: The Letter

My response to the July prompt ‘ticket’.

Genre: slice of life, romance


~The Letter~

“I… I like you. Please accept this.” Despite the deep flush on his cheeks, he met her gaze dead on. Unfortunately, the name on that envelope wasn’t hers.

“Sorry, I’m not the one you’re looking for. She is.” She pointed to her friend seated across the table.

She didn’t think it was possible, but his blush deepened. He stammered something she couldn’t catch, pushed the envelop into her hands, and ran away.

“Who was that?”

“Don’t know.” She handed the envelop over.

Inside contained a letter and two tickets. The letter was addressed to her friend, but they read it together. It wasn’t very long. It basically boiled down to three points.

First, a self introduction. Apparently, this guy was in their course.

Second, an introduction for the tickets, valid for one month to a dessert buffet.

Third, the request. In the most polite way possible, he asked for one month. If he couldn’t win her heart by then, those two tickets could be given to anyone. But if they did end up together, he would like to use those tickets for their first date.

They shared a glance.

One month? For that guy who got them mixed up?

They laughed.

~Continue the story in Unhelpful Friend~


AN: If you wish, you can consider this related to Dream Come True and Sweet Nightmare.

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