Drabble: In The Name of Pudding!

My response to the July prompt ‘obsession’.

Genre: general, humour


~In The Name of Pudding!~

Three men surrounded her in a dark alley.

How had she gotten herself into this situation?


People didn’t give things away for free. If something was free, it just meant that the price wasn’t paid in money. She wasn’t stupid. She wouldn’t just follow strangers for ‘free stuff’.

But some people actually did give out free free things. And if it meant she could potentially get free pudding, she was willing to take the risk.

Although, just this once, the risk could be more than she could handle.

The three man attacked. She screamed and flung her bag around as hard as she could. A clear space magically appeared and she ran for her life all the way back home.

* * *

“How did it go?”

“… Your sister is scary.”

“So it failed?”


He sighed. Another failed attempt to cure his sister’s obsession with pudding.

Well then. Back to the drawing board it was.



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