Drabble: Hands of Destruction

My response to the August prompt ‘destroy’.

Genre: superpower, fantasy, angst


~Hands of Destruction~

He stared down at the fractured remains of what used to be a solid desk.

There it was. Proof. He was one of those ability holders or supers or meta humans or whatever they were calling people like him. Most people would be at least a little excited at their new powers, but he would rather have none at all than have this ability to destroy anything with just one touch.

He was an artist. If he had an ability, it should be something that could create, not this destructive power. His only consolation was that he had (almost) complete control over his ability. If not, he’d rather destroy himself and be done with it instead of spending the rest of his life wondering when he would finally destroy something that actually mattered.

He grit his teeth and grasped the edge of the broken table. With a thought, the rest of the table crumbled into nothingness, just like the art project he accidentally destroyed when he first discovered his ability.


The story continues in Destroy to Create.


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