Drabble: Boss Raid

My response to the August prompt ‘many’.

Genre: science-fiction

Warning: contains game terminology.

Guild – think of it like a large extended family you create for yourself in a game.
Raid – usually an event where multiple people work together to fight against computer controlled enemies.
Boss – an enemy that is super strong, stronger than the other enemies. Usually extra big too.
Dungeon – a special area where players battle against computer controlled enemies.
Spawn (verb) – a creature/player appears out of nowhere.


~Boss Raid~

As far as guilds went, they weren’t the biggest out there, but they had a good 20 people, and all members had turned up for the raid. That was good, because they were going to need all the manpower they could get to defeat the new boss.

In the two weeks since the boss’ debut, it had never lost, breaking the previous record of five days. The biggest guilds had already had their chance to challenge the boss, now it was their turn to give it a go.

They only had one try. The entry fee for the dungeon was too expensive for a retry.

“Everyone ready?”

A few raised weapons, a lot of tense nods, some blank faces from those too nervous to respond.

Good enough.

He pressed the ticket against the giant doors. The palm-sized talisman rippled into the door. In its place, the grooves in the doors lit up in multicolour and spread out in all directions until the lines disappeared into the surrounding rocks. A chorus of clicks followed, then the doors swung open.

They entered the large chamber and hurried into their positions. The doors closed before them and vanished. A few moments later, the boss spawned.

Within moments, two members were downed. It was not a good start. But that didn’t stop them. They had one chance, and they would make it count.

~Take a look at the boss’ side of the story in That One Boss.~


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