Drabble: That One Boss

My response to the August prompt ‘one’.

Genre: science-fiction

Warning: contains game terminology.

Boss – an enemy that is super strong.
Interface – imagine little transparent computer screens floating in the air with information on it, like the name of the person you’re looking at.
Stats – short for statistics. In games, it usually includes information such as health and resource.
Guild – think of it like a large extended family you create for yourself in a game.


~That One Boss~

They told him playing games was a waste of time.

Not anymore.

Ever since the virtual reality game opened to the public, he’d made it a point to go to the game centre at least once a week. The trip took him almost one hour each way, but it was a small price to pay to play the only game in the world that could completely transport him to a new world.

No annoying controls, no clunky equipment stuck to him, just the most basic interface for his stats and skills that responded naturally to his thoughts and movements. For those few hours inside the pods, it was easy to pretend he was one of the best magic knights in Rosyn.

And now, those hours were extra worth it, because without them, he wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to work in the game he loved so much.

His job was simple. Play the game, but as a boss strong enough to provide a challenge for whole guilds. Two weeks on, and he remained undefeated. He was nailing this brief.

His borrowed body materialised in the boss chamber, before 20-odd people. This guild was a little on the small side, but he wasn’t going to make it easy for them.

It was time to win.

~You can read the challenger’s side of the story in Boss Raid.~


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