Drabble: Not Him

My response to the August prompt ‘accidental’. Follows after To Catch a Superhero.

Genre: fantasy, superpowers


~Not Him~

The woman kept thanking him, but all he could think about was the fact that he didn’t save her.

By the time he noticed her, the billboard was just moments away from crushing her. His closest helper rushed over to help, but the billboard reached her first. That she was alive at all had nothing to do with him.

He tried to return the invitation he didn’t deserve, but the woman refused to accept his refusal. She thanked him again and skipped away.

Not for the first time, a thought rose to the front of his mind.

I should stop pretending to be a hero.

He buried the thought to the deep recesses of his mind. Three more months to the annual ball where supers declared their alignment for the next year. If he still wasn’t good enough to actually save people by then, he would quit as a hero and become a neutral.

Until then, he would do his best to keep everyone alive. Even if he was terrible at it.



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