Drabble: Hearing It All

My response to the August prompt ‘fragment’. Follows after Giving His All.

Genre: fantasy


~Hearing It All~

In everything he did, he gave his all. Which meant that when he knocked out his senior during practice, he sat vigil beside him in the hospital wing until he woke up.

“I’m sorry,” he said the moment his senior woke.

His senior stared blankly at him, then sighed and said, “No. I’m sorry. I haven’t told you some things I should have.”

A few moments passed in silence.

“I’m listening,” he prompted. His senior’s gaze focused back on him.

“What Fighter class do you think I am?” his senior asked.

Being the eager student he was, he had watched his senior (and everyone else on his new team). Looking back, his senior hadn’t shown any superior strength, nor had he used any special abilities. So not S or P. That only left them with class N, normals.

“Actually, I’m class P. My ability is-”

“-duplication,” said an exact copy of his senior behind him. The second senior gave him a nod and vanished. When he looked back to the bed, he found his senior with his eyes closed and breathing harsh.

“You ok?”he asked.

His senior nodded, took a shaky breath, and continued.

“In our last mission outside, something unexpected happened, and I made duplicates of myself to distract the monsters and cover our retreat. I never got them back. There are still pieces of me out there, and my attention is split between all of me. That’s why I’m so distracted, and why I will find someone else to guide you. As I am now, I will only be a danger to us both.”

He thought about it, then made up his mind.

“I’ll help you.”

But his senior’s attention was already somewhere else. No matter. He got comfortable and waited for his senior to return.

~Continue the story in The Last Piece~


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