Drabble: Desire

My response to the August prompt ‘low’.

Genre: fantasy, superpowers



When news of people developing superpowers spread, he often fantasied of the day when he would wake up to find he could soar in the sky like a bird.

Reality was not so kind.

He did develop superpowers, but it had nothing to do with the sky. In fact, the further he was from the sky, the stronger he became.

His ability: control over the ground.

Being the sensible person he was, he took full advantage of his earthy affinity. In any fight, his first move was almost always to drag his opponents underground, even if it meant cutting himself off from the sky he loved so much.

It wasn’t fair.

His best friend choked on his drink.

“What? I can’t complain because at least I have superpowers?” he said.

His friend shook his head. “You just reminded me of someone else. Keep going.”


“I’ll tell you if I decide introducing you to each other won’t kill me. Now continue. Before I start complaining about this stupid customer I had to serve today.”

He said ‘continue’, but continuing to talk about his powers would just be like rubbing salt into a wound.

“How’s your drink?” he blurted out.

His friend raised an eyebrow at him. He raised the glass of clear liquid.

“It’s water. It doesn’t taste like anything, but it does the job.”

His cheeks heated up. He switched tracks.

“Tell me about your stupid customer.”

Now we’re talking.”

~The ‘someone else’ can be found in the companion piece Fear.~


You read more about this sky lover in Stuck.


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