Drabble: Fear

My response to the August prompt ‘high’.

Genre: fantasy, superpowers



She had a fear of heights. Not the ‘I don’t feel good’ kind of fear, but the full ‘getmeoutgetmeoutgetmeout’ kind of absolute terror.

So why, of all the powers she could have gotten, did she get the ability to fly?

Just the thought of letting her feet leave the ground was enough to send her into full panic mode. She was one of the lucky few to get super powers and she couldn’t even use it.

It wasn’t fair.

“Think of it this way,” her friend cut in, “If you couldn’t fly, you’ll be dead right now.”

“But, flying.”

“A lot of people will kill to get what you have.”

“But, flying.”

Her friend started to say something, then bit it back, then clawed at the air and swallowed more words down his throat. Finally, he settled with an angry mutter.

“Then get over it.”

“You don’t just ‘get over’ a phobia.”

“I can help with that. I’ll just push you off buildings until you stop complaining. Want to start now?”

She gripped the edge of the table and shook her head furiously.

“Then change the topic.”

She scrambled for something else to say.

“Do you think you’ll get powers too?” she asked.

He glared.

“Are you trying to get thrown off a building?”

“Ah… err… Egg! How’s your egg?”

They looked down at his egg-less dish. He sighed.

“Just eat your food.”

“Yes, sir!”

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