Looking for the Right Melody

No Going Back | The Price of Sacrifice | Looking for the Right Melody | Missing Time

My response to the prompt ‘melody‘. Continues after The Price of Sacrifice.


~Looking for the Right Melody~

Last year, a brother, in saving his sister, saved hers as well. However, in exchange for the burst of power he needed to save those lives, he lost his mind.

That never sat well with her.

Ten months ago, she discovered she had superpowers too. Contrary to popular belief, the powers didn’t come with their own manuals. All she knew was that her ability was somehow related to music and the mind.

She spent the next six months experimenting with her powers and tracking down that brother who saved her sister. For someone covered head to toe in thick blue markings, he was surprisingly hard to find, but she did it in the end.

The hard part was finding a melody that could bring his mind back from the void. The last four months had been her most frustrating and most exciting. Frustrating, because she couldn’t find the right melody (if it existed at all), and exciting, because she realised what an awesome ninja she was. She basically spent most of her free time stalking the brother and playing music to him, and no one noticed.

Finally, one melody snapped him out of his one-year daze. As the family celebrated, she walked in and handed them a bead, which contained the melody that woke him up. Only now, with her success, could she tell the family her quest in the past year.

She expected a lot of ‘thank you’s. What she got was people crying so hard from happiness that they could only hug her so hard she thought her spine would break. She patted their backs and said things that were supposed to be reassuring but just made them cry even harder.

Such a funny family. It was nice to finally see them happy.


2 thoughts on “Looking for the Right Melody

  1. An interesting familystory it is. Harmony is a basic term of music depending on melody and breaks.
    The melody in speaking is one fundamental component of understanding…

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