The story behind ‘To Catch a Superhero’ and ‘Not Him’

To Catch a Superhero‘ and ‘ Not Him‘ were two short stories I wrote in August in response to a pair of prompts: ‘intentional’ and ‘accidental’. If you haven’t read them, you can follow the links to check them out. They aren’t that long.

For those who know the two stories I mentioned above, you’ll know that it involves people with superpowers. How did ‘intentional’ and ‘accidental’ turn into a story about superheros?

Here’s how.

My main motivation for the prompt pairs in August was to take two opposing concepts to craft two related stories. When I saw ‘intentional’ and ‘accidental’, one phrase came to mind.


Some of us may be familiar with this term. It’s usually used for situations that look like accidents but are actually planned in advance. Like ‘accidentally’ bumping into a crush for an excuse to talk to him/her.

When I started, I thought, ‘Accidentally-on-purpose is too normal, let’s switch it around‘. So I actually crafted the story for ‘Not Him’ first, with the idea of someone who did something by accident but everyone thought it was planned all along. I had already created a setting where people were developing superpowers, so it felt like a good place to put the story.

‘To Catch a Superhero’ became the story that created the setting for ‘Not Him’, with the more typical ‘plot twist’ of someone doing something accidentally-on-purpose. So together, they became one bigger story with a plot twist that had a plot twist.

So that’s the story behind ‘To Catch a Superhero’ and ‘Not Him’. This was unexpectedly hard to write. And looking back at what I’ve written here, I don’t know if I managed to capture the thoughts that went into the creation of these stories. Looks like I have much to learn.


Feedback would be awesome. Like parts that were confusing, or if the post actually managed to get the message across. If there are any stories you would love to hear more about, feel free to leave a comment and let me know.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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