Drabble: Love Rival

My response to the prompt cake.

Genre: humour, romance


~Love Rival~

His girlfriend wanted cake. She hadn’t actually said anything about wanting a cake, but she talked so much about cake recently that it sounded like she wasn’t dating him but cakes. And among the cakes, his greatest opponent was the cheesecake, of the non-bake variety.

He refused to lose to a cake.

If she wanted a cake, she would get a cake. But buying a cheesecake wasn’t enough. He would make it himself. How hard could it be?

Compared to baked cheesecake, the non-bake ones looked harder to mess up. He carefully followed the instructions, except for the sugar, because that was way too much sugar to put into one thing. He didn’t want his girlfriend to get diabetes too.

Finding space in the fridge turned out to be to be the hardest part. Scratch that. Keeping the cake away from the rest of his family was the hardest part. But he managed, and proudly presented the cake to his girl.

The cheesecake was too sweet for him and not sweet enough for her, but they clear almost half the cake between them in one sitting.

“What else can you make?” she asked as they packed the remaining cake for her to bring home.

Obviously, cakes were still on her mind, but at least they were more like third wheels than love rivals. He could deal with that.

“What would you like?” he asked.

“Caramel slice.”

“I’ll make that.”



You can read more of this couple in Dream Come TrueSweet Nightmare, and The Letter.

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