Zing and Bling Bling

My response to the prompt ‘zing!‘.

~Zing and Bling Bling~

They looked around the room, checked the sparkling streamers that hung from every elevated spot, examined the balloons of all shapes and sizes, noted the giant cushions throw around the room. Roxana thought the room was already overcrowded, and that was before the guests even arrived. Melanie, on the other hand, wasn’t satisfied.

“It needs more… zing. More bling bling,” she said.

If this was her party, Roxana would have saved Melanie from her own enthusiasm long ago. But it wasn’t her party. It was Melanie’s little cousin’s.

“What do you think?” Roxana asked the five-year-old.

“More zing and bling bling!” the child cheered.

“Right? Let’s go.” The two terrors linked hands and skipped out the door to the convenience store nearby.

Roxana followed, feeling like a mother three times her age, especially when she had to confiscate the fireworks from their shopping basket. Fireworks and Melanie with a room full of people and flammable items. No. Just. No.



Read more about Melanie and her friends in Ping Pong Ball Halves.

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