Drabble: Radical Food

My response to the prompt ‘radical‘.

Genre: general


~Radical Food~

The restaurant they were in, though hidden in between two factories, was packed full of people. Some even had to wait in line for almost half an hour before getting a seat.

Why the popularity?

The answer was in their one-of-a-kind menu, which presented patrons with choices like inside-out sandwich, meatball smoothie, and roast beef ice-cream.

His friend called it ‘radical food’, he thought it was just a gimmick. At the end of the day, food was food, no matter how ‘radical’ it looked.

“Ready to order?” the waitress asked.

His friend ordered salted chocolate lamb with a side of grape chips. He got the chicken in stuffing and potato thickshake.

“This better be good,” he said.

“Don’t worry. I tested every single recipe before putting it on the menu. Everything’s awesome,” his friend said.

“Such confidence.”

“You know me. Everything I make tastes great. Don’t pretend it tastes bad just so you can win the bet.”

“It’s only ten dollars.”

“Ten dollars was big back in college.”

“We’re not in college anymore. But if it helps.” He placed the ten dollar bill on the table. “There it is.”

His friend pocketed the money.

“Hey. You haven’t won yet,” he reminded his friend.

“Don’t worry. I will.”

And his friend did. He, on the other hand, craved for potato thickshakes for weeks.



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