Drabble: One Prank Too Many

Written in response to the prompt ‘fragile‘.

Genre: slice of life


~One Prank Too Many~

He only realised they had pushed too far when the first tears rolled down her egg-covered cheeks. Before anyone could say a word, she stammered a chocked “Sorry” and fled the secret cave.

He pushed past the others and ran after her.

Everyone in the group got pranked. That was just how they had fun together. And no one became a real part of the group until they had been hit by at least one group prank.

Last time he counted, their newest member, and the only girl ever, had been group pranked at least nine times, and she had only joined them last week.

He found her crouched behind a tree, dripping raw egg on the ground. It was the most fragile he had seen her. She always tried so hard to show she was strong enough to be one of the boys, and they responded by throwing everything they had at her to prove her wrong.

Well, no more. She was one of them, and they didn’t prank to hurt.

He patted her awkwardly on the back until the tears stopped.

“Go back?” he asked.

She nodded.

Once back inside the secret cave, the other boys rushed forward to apologise with towels and snacks and silly faces until she cracked a smile.

After that, they still pranked her, but not the big group ones, just the normal small ones between individuals. But even those pranks were milder now, no matter who the targets were, because people were unexpectedly fragile.



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