Drabble: The Transfer Student

Written in response to the prompt ‘silence‘.

Genre: angst, fantasy


~The Transfer Student~

There were many quiet girls in their class, but none were as silent as the transfer student.

At first, they thought she was just extremely shy. But the weeks turned into months, and still no one had ever heard her speak.

Maybe she’s mute, they thought.

But someone found a video online, and while their new classmate wasn’t the main singer, she was definitely singing together with her friends.

That video didn’t answer their questions, but it became a vital window into their silent classmate’s past. They search the internet for every information they could find on her.

In the end, the one who uncovered the real truth was the only one who asked her directly.

Two years ago, she was just a normal girl, but without warning, her voice took on an addictive quality that made everyone who heard her crave her voice so much that they would go as far as blackmail and kidnapping to keep her.

Fearing every person who crossed her path wasn’t any way to live a life, so with help, she pulled herself out of her old life and started afresh in a new country. There she would stay for as long as it took for those back home to ween themselves off her voice, if they ever did.

It didn’t sound like something that could actually happen in real life, but she pointed them to the right places, and the whole story unfolded before them in all its sobering glory.

“When do you think you can go back?”

She didn’t reply, but her shadowed eyes said everything.



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