Drabble: Scarf Lover

My response to the prompt ‘stylish‘.

Genre: humour


~Scarf Lover~

He thought wearing a long scarf with his uniform was stylish. The rest of the team knew the scarf would only give the monsters a convenient handhold to pull and toss him around.

Telling him didn’t have enough impact. He would just brush them off. Waiting until they were outside the wall was too dangerous. They couldn’t afford to lose any Fighters because of a stupid fashion statement.

They settled for something in between, a nice, free-for-all practice fight where everyone picked on their scarf lover. To make things a little less unfair on their newest member, they restricted their attacks to his ridiculous scarf.

Half an hour later, the newbie himself threw his scarf aside, fed up with everyone using it like a noose around his neck.

He never turned up to work with a scarf again.



If you like this, check out Fashion Statement, where some things never change.

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