Drabble: Pancake of Distraction

My response to the prompt ‘panic‘.

Genre: fantasy, action


~Pancake of Distraction~

“Calm down. Stop panicking.” Hands pressed down on her shoulders. She dug her fingers into the ground beneath her, but it did nothing to stop the spasms that shook her body.

“I’m trying,” she said through gritted teeth. The shaking wasn’t from shock, it was pain. She would like to see anyone be perfectly fine when they had just had their legs completely crushed under a dead monster.

“Think about something else,” the team newbie said above her as the others carefully pulled the giant corpse off her. The body lifted, and she caught a glimpse of the mess that was once her legs before the newbie shifted to block her view. She grabbed the newbie by his armour and buried her face against him.

“Pancakes,” she said, “With honey and chocolate.”

The newbie caught on quickly.

“Big ones or small ones?”

“Giant ones. I want them bigger than me.” Her breath hitched as they started scooping her legs off the ground.

“Thick or thin?”

She wrestled her mind away from the carnage. “Thick.”

“Thin’s better.”



“We’re ready to go,” the vice-captain cut in.

She shivered. As much as she appreciated the heads up, it was an unwanted reminder of her very unpleasant injury.

The vice-captain patted her shoulder. “Don’t worry. You’ll get your legs back in no time. Continue with your pancake.”

“Yes, sir.” And the newbie returned to distracting duty. “So, thick or thin?”

“Fine. Thin.”

“Didn’t you want thick? Thick is good.”

“Don’t care.”

“Please care a little. It’s your pancake.”

She tried her best to be distracted by coming up with the most unusual pancake she could think of.

“Then I want one that looks like a pillow. And medium sized ones that look like animals.”

The newbie’s face scrunched up as he tried to figure out how that would work, which gave her the incentive to spin more elaborate designs. By the time they returned to the city, he had basically promised her a whole farm made out of pancakes. She didn’t know if he would actually do it, but it was a nice thought to have while she recovered from her injury.



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