Would You Rather

My response to the prompt ‘dilemma‘.


~Would You Rather~

“Assuming you can’t heal them back, would you rather lose your dominant arm or your nose?”

“Nose. Easier to hide.”

“You lose two points. Better step up your game before you get into negatives again, newbie. Next, Captain.”

As the captain picked on someone else, he took the time to think of a dilemma for his next target.

His team was outside the city on a week-long nest hunt. He had expected days filled with fierce battles with hidden monster colonies, what he got instead was not a lot of fighting and a lot of waiting. Waiting for the right moment, waiting for the food to cook, waiting for the sun to rise, waiting, waiting, waiting.

While they waited, they played a game created by the previous captain before she was promoted into another department. The rules were simple. Everyone took turns presenting another person with a dilemma. If the dilemma was answered too easily, the asker lost points. If the dilemma was difficult enough that the target took too long or was unable to choose, the asker gained points.

Earning points required lateral thinking and intimate knowledge of the other person, both of which he lacked, but he was catching up. At the rate he was going, he might actually finish the game with points before they returned.

Fingers snapped right before his eyes. He started. The other side didn’t wait for him to recover.

“Would you rather have Captain’s soup or Vice-Captain’s meat?”

His face twisted in disgust. Captain’s soup was like thickened salt. Vice-Captain had the ability to turn any meat into tasteless leather. Both were equally horrifying and he would happily never eat them ever again, but if he really had to choose…


“You sure?”

“At least I can eat it.”

“Two points to the newbie. Who’s next?”

“I am,” said the vice-captain, “So, newbie, would you rather starve or eat my meat?”

“Eat your meat.” He wasn’t so picky that he would reject food if he was starving.

“Here. Have some.” The vice-captain handed him a strip of meat. He accepted the strip and bit into the tasteless rock.

“Two points to the newbie. Enjoy your meal.”

He would rather lose those points than eat the meat, but he would rather eat the meat than face the vice-captain’s dark moods.

He hid his tears behind a forced smile and accepted the points.



Read more about this monster-hunting team in Defenders of the Wall.


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