Drabble: The Idea

My response to the prompt ‘unfinished‘.


~The Idea~

The idea sneaked into her dream as a harmless ‘what if’, which soon mutated into ‘where’s and ‘what’s and ‘who’s, strings of scenes connected by plot bunnies that kept jumping down forbidden rabbit holes.

The next morning, eager hands gave the growing idea a body of ink and paper. Messy words ran across the pages as the pen tried its best to keep up with the characters as they navigated the obstacles and plot twists that were the staples of any good story.

Then one scene hit a snag, and all of a sudden, amazing characters were now flat self-inserts in a story filled with plot holes and scenes that were strung together with only the most tenuous connections.

Going back to fix what went wrong only highlighted all the implausible events that were supposed to tie the story together and the character ticks that once were amusing but now just grated on her nerves.

A few more half-hearted attempts, and another unfinished story joined the growing pile in the box.



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