Drabble: Running On Empty

My response to the prompt ‘disagree‘.

Genre: fantasy, superpowers


~Running On Empty~

“We can’t take money from people.”

“You think our gear just falls from the sky?”

“That’s what the superhero fund is for.”

“It’s not enough. Especially after paying for rent and food.”

“But we didn’t become superheroes to take people’s money. We did it to help people.”

“I still want to help people, but not if that means becoming a slave. Do you know how empty our account is? Right now, if you were forced to leave the team because you suddenly lost your powers, there won’t even be enough money to last you a week. That’s how bad it is.”

Somewhere, a fruit burst open, followed by a stifled cry from someone else on the team. Both of them were too focused on each other to care that juice was running down their side.

“If we take their money, we’re no better than those bodyguard bullies forcing people to pay ‘protection fees’.”

“You might think fluff and rainbows are all you need to run a superhero team, but I’m the one who’s been managing our finances, and what we’re getting isn’t enough.”

They glared at each other until the team’s accountant walked off with a huff.

“I will do what it takes to keep this team going. Don’t stop me.”

The door slammed closed. The rest of the team fled the area to safer places until only one was left.

“I didn’t become a superhero for money.”

No one replied.


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