Mission Gone Wrong 1: Separated

Written in response to the prompt value. First part of Mission Gone Wrong.

Genre: fantasy



The value of any Fighter lay in their combat strength and ability to work under pressure.

Today, Theo had failed in both areas.

First, he failed to kill the monster assigned to him.

Second, when the monster attacked more violently than expected, instead of retreating to his teammates for back up, he panicked and ran in the opposite direction.

He managed to shake the monster off, but not only was he completely lost, he had a giant gash on his leg as a parting gift from the monster.

Theo buried his face in his hands.

If his wound didn’t kill him, the monsters would. If the monsters didn’t kill him, his senior would be next in line.

Strawberry milkshake. Just kill him now.

Somewhere to his left, something roared.

Theo scrambled to his feet and hobbled away to the right.

Butter cake. He was only joking.

~The story continues in Collecting Duty~


Theo is the previously unnamed newbie who has appeared in multiple short stories from the Defenders of the Wall verse. Feel free to check those out.

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