Mission Gone Wrong 2: Collecting Duty

Inspired very loosely by the prompt breakthrough. Continues the Mission Gone Wrong story from Separated, so read that first.

Genre: fantasy


~Collecting Duty~

Ezra rubbed his hand over his face.

This wasn’t the breakthrough they had hoped for their team newbie.

That kid was strong, no doubt about that, but what was the point of such strength when his response to any threat was to freeze or run?

“Ezra, you know where the boy is?” asked team captain Alan.

He nodded.

“Then we’ll split up. Vincent, Eileen, you go after Theo. Thomas, you’re with me. We’ll deal with the bodies and catch up. Ezra, keep everyone updated.”

Ezra nodded and split into two. One stayed behind, the other linked with his third self, a small fragment of his mind which he had attached to the newbie when he ran.

Following his fragment’s mental map, he lead his half of the team into a brisk walk.

Better collect the boy before other monsters found him first. It would be a shame to lose such a strong Fighter.

~The story continues in Leap of Faith~

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