Mission Gone Wrong 3: Leap of Faith

My response to the prompt daring. Takes place after Separated and Collecting Duty.

Genre: fantasy


~Leap of Faith~

Theo had lost one monster, but now there were two sniffing for him.

Horrible, terrible, hot potato.

His seniors said that the monsters didn’t have a strong sense of smell, but these two were trying very hard, and he had been hiding in the same spot long enough that his blood had seeped into the ground beneath him. It was only a matter of time before those two picked up the bloody scent.

He didn’t want to wait for them to find him.

Hiding wasn’t an option. He really wanted to run, but he wouldn’t be able to run fast with his injured leg. Fight? He couldn’t even win against Ezra, who was basically a normal person other than his ability to duplicate himself. Worse, there were two of them. He didn’t want to take on two monsters at once.

But what else could he do?

With a grimace, Theo gathered his feet beneath him and tightened his grip on his weapon. He patted his injured leg with his free hand.

Just one jump. Right on top of the monsters. Then swing his blade like mad before they recovered and hope that was enough to kill them. If that wasn’t enough… Just keep swinging until they died or he did. That sounded like a plan.

Before he could change his mind, he launched himself into the air.

~Find out what happens next in Good News, Bad News~

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